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New dealer and new (old) stuff has come into the shop. Take a look and then come in and see for yourself.

Our new dealer has a case that is full of many small and unusual items.

This is a great piece that just came in. More amazing furniture has arrived and I will take pictures of them and post tonight.

I usually don’t post pictures of things that have sold, but this was such a beautiful clock and candlestick set that we felt like it would be a shame not to show it off. Actually this is a great time to let you know about one of our dealers who is incredible at fixing things. He repaired one of the candlesticks. The top was completely broken off and with his awesome craftsmanship he repaired it. You can not see where it was ever broken.

Steve Gossett is a master craftsman who makes and repairs furniture and has his own blacksmith and wood working shop. You can see his website at


Throughout the store we found all of these unusual things and put them together in the window for a display. Come in and check out all the great things that have come into the store the last few weeks. Here is a sample of them.

I hope this has sparked your interest to come in and see for yourself what has been brought in by our amazing dealers.


I have some pictures of some new merchandise that has come into the store.

Take a look.

This is just a sample of what is new. See you around LeStuff Antique Mall in Hillsboro, Oregon.